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Up your air game with AirMarksman, quality airgun accessories. Whether you shoot competitively or hunt, AM products help your airgun perform at the top of its class. They are a premier manufacturer and importer of high-end airgun and air charging accessories, known worldwide for quality and innovation.

The mission of AirMarksman is to make your airguning experience better. Airgunners tested their curated collection of products to meet the demand for high-quality accessories at competitive prices. Quality made in the United States of America and sold worldwide.

The Backbone Rail for FX Impact airguns is one of their most popular products. Air Marksman dubbed its Backbone Rail System the ultimate precision top rail for the FX Impact Platform. It comes in various sizes and M.O.A. configurations, tying your entire rifle together and also eliminate tolerance stacking. This rail drastically reduces flex in the entire rifle, creating a more anchored and consistent shooting platform. All this, at the cost of only a few grams added to the total weight of the rifle.

Also, they added a bolt retention detent, keeping the cocking handle and bolt probe held in the rear position when it is opened. This prevents accidental double feeds and removes play in the cocking handle.

Another sought after product from AM, is the FX Impact M3 Thumb Rest. Adjust both the angle and the position of your thumb with this small add on part. It’s as simple as a turn of the paddle, even while shooting. By mounting a thumb-rest on the M3, you benefit from a natural rest for your thumb. Top shooters choose to use one on their competition guns and in the field.

We expect to see a whole range of products from Air Marksman hit the market in the near future.

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