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Shooters need Chronographs if they’re serious about shooting! SA Air Rifles & Accessories offers a wide selection, from stand alone to barrel units. Many are suited for both firearms and airguns. Others are suitable for airgun use only. Some units even measure the velocity of airsoft, paintball and archery rounds.

So, want to know the exact speed your airgun is shooting? Now you can with our inventory of chronographs. Test the speeds of different pellets and slugs and find which work best in your air pistol or rifle. This helps you get the most power behind every shot, as well as improving accuracy.

Chronographs offer shooters an array of information. Whether you are trying to find the best pellet or check the firing performance of your airgun, a Chrony is the answer. When tuning your rifle, you’ll need to know at which speed the projectile of your choice is leaving the barrel. The right pellet or slug, shot at the right velocity, will give better accuracy and performance.

Contact us if you’re unsure what to get or can’t find what you’re looking for.

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