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Shop our Defence category for non-lethal / less-lethal protection products.

From defence markers to electro-shock (Taser) products, get what you need for home defence. Here you’ll find our range of non-lethal / less lethal defence items, including pepper spray, gas guns, batons, stun guns, etc. These products were designed to ward off and/or stop potential attackers. Some deliver more severe discomfort than others, but none are designed to cause life-threatening harm. Rather, you want a potential attacker to retreat, ensuring the safety of yourself and others.

These products are freely available with no licence required. It does not mean one can use them on another person without good reason. Please ensure you do your homework and know how to use the products, and what to do under which circumstances. Some products may cause severe injury, and in rare cases even death, under worst circumstances. They are to be treated as any firearm or airgun – with utmost responsibility and respect.

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