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SA Air Rifles & Accessories offers a wide range of Air Supply products. From compressors and pumps, fittings and accessories, to air tanks and cylinders, we have all your needs covered.

Different pistols and rifles require different Air Supply. For Pre-Charged Pneumatic shooters, a compressor, hand pump or air cylinder (also referred to as scuba tanks) are needed. You will also need filling accessories, like a fill station and/or fittings.

We also offer air-related spares and accessories, like gauges, seals, clamps and brackets, as well as fill probes and air bottles.

It is important to note that many air rifle and accessory brands come with some form of manufacturer warranty. Modification, tampering, or altering a product in any way not specifically authorized by the factory, with non-standard parts, springs, seals, etc. will often void the warranty. Refer to your product manual or contact your seller or the importer when in doubt before placing an order for our Services and Parts. Please refer to our Usage Terms & Conditions for more details.

For CO2 shooters, we have Carbon Dioxide cartridges, also known as CO2 capsules.

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