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Our Gift Guide category makes choosing a gift an absolute breeze! Browse our selection of hand picked gift ideas for all budgets and levels of shooters. They are also perfect as add-ons to your own purchase – a gift to yourself!

Choosing a gift for the shooter in your life can be quite daunting if you don’t know shooting products. Our expert team takes the guessing out of the game, choosing products that will suit any shooter.

First off, targets are always a great starting point. Regardless of shooter skill level or shooting discipline, targets are a staple amongst all shooters. Plinkers, professional marksmen and hunters all need targets to practise and sight in their gear.

You can’t go wrong either with shooting bags, rifle bags and bipods. Any rifle owner would love having more than one bag – one for field use and another for safe, clean storage.

Our Premuim option in the Gift Guide features top “Wishlist Items.” Then again, either a pocket knife or cap would be perfect for just about anyone, shooter or not.

Fortunatly, we offer a wide array of products for you to choose from. You can combine more than one product and gift them together. For example, a pocket knife, cap and a few targets together. Or, a rifle bag, targets and shooting glasses for the range.

Of course, all of our carefully selected love-to-have products are perfect as an add-on to your current purchase. Why not spoil yourself with that little extra or must-have item!

We currently offer three options to choose from, namely Gifts Up To R500, Gifts Up To R1000 and Premium Gifts. Simply choose your budget category in our Gift Guide and browse away.

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