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With Altaros products, precision is their goal. They are one of the leading manufacturers of regulators, high pressure compressors and PCP air rifles. Furthermore, they produce airgun slugs and other accessories for PCP airguns.

The company’s aim has always been to maximize PCP rifle accuracy. For this reason, they developed their first original regulators. Today, of course, they continue to develop and expand their product range.

Although many companies have tried to create their own regulators based on Altaros technology, they are still ahead of them. This is thanks to their significant development investments, precise manufacturing and manual inspection of each product.

To make life easier for PCP rifle shooters, they have developed a high-pressure compressor booster unit for personal filling of pressure bottles at home. It outperforms the competition with its high reliability, ease of maintenance and fair price.

They have more than 15 years of experience in accurate shooting, customization of PCP rifles and the development of their individual accessories. Therefore, in recent years, they began to develop and manufacture their own unique PCP rifles.

These include the semi-automatic Assassin, as well as M24. The Altaros M24 rifle excels in a unique appearance identical to its real model and excels in extremely good consistency of muzzle velocity as well. This rifle, together with their developed and produced slugs, forms a shooting system that achieves high accuracy at extreme distances.

Even at hundreds of meters, which is currently the most accurate airgun system in .22 calibre in the world, according to Altaros.

The team are continually developing new products to fulfil the wide needs of their satisfied customers around the world who expect high-quality standards in all aspects.

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