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Ballistol has been tried and tested, remaining unrivalled since 1904. They still make it today using the original recipe.

Produced in Germany for over four generations and sold worldwide. Originally developed as a weapon oil for the imperial army, it soon became a valued household remedy in many countries. Millions of consumers have experimented with Ballistol and found surprising new applications for it. Including use on humans and animals.

Around the turn of the century, the imperial army was looking for an all-round oil. One that would not only care for and preserve the metal parts of the weapons, but also the wooden stocks and leather items. At the same time, it had to serve as wound oil for injuries, cracks and abrasions.

The name Ballistol survived all the turmoil of history in the last century. In fact, it became a household name for hunters, shooters, anglers and many others – a synonym for a miracle oil. The outstanding feature of Ballistol is its versatility. There are many other protective and lubricating oils on the market. However, none can match the almost unbelievably wide range and compatibility of Ballistol.

With Ballistol you can clean, conserve, protect, care for, impregnate, lubricate and disinfect. It is not only the match for steel and iron machinery and equipment, but also for natural wood and leather (except suede), as well as oil-resistant rubber and plastics.

Ballistol forms a milky-white emulsion in water, similar to the protein and fat in milk. Most universal oils have a neutral pH of 7, while Ballistol is slightly alkaline at pH 8 to 8.5 and therefore has additional valuable properties. It can neutralize weak acids, such as hand perspiration, which otherwise leaves ugly fingerprints on sensitive metal surfaces, even stainless steel.

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