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BRK Brocock

A combination of their exquisite engineering skills and also their belief in the primary principles of craftsmanship ensures that BRK Brocock always maintains absolute quality.

Founded in 1989 in Birmingham, Brocock has been a significant player in the UK, as well as worldwide, for over a quarter of a century. Today they co-locate with their sister company Daystate at their purpose-built Staffordshire UK base. Here, of course, the magic happens, where they manufacture a range of advanced PCP air rifles . In 2022 the company introduced BRK as a new name for their air rifles. This rebrand better reflects their emergence as a leading manufacturer of prestigious PCP air rifles.

Modern BRK/Brocock rifles feature Huma-Air regulators, several of which have won world titles for target and bench rest shooting. And now the BRK Ghost that, with its advanced CNC machining, introduces the very latest in high tech air rifles.

Brocock Air Rifle designers have gone to extraordinary lengths to deliver a dependable and reliable range of airguns. Modern Brococks are ‘Modular’. That is, adapted from parts within the same brand to add different parts and create different configurations. You can add folding stocks, different bottle/cylinder configurations and many accessories. This allow you to customise and adapt your Brocock to suit your individual needs.

Many professional pest controllers choose Brocock Air Rifles for their combination of incredible accuracy and solid construction. Brocock rifles come with a 2-year warranty, but they build them to last a lifetime. As is their reputation, Brocock intended their air rifles to be rugged hunting and general sports airguns. However, competitive shooters also use BRK Brocock rifles for competing: notably winning the 2018 Extreme Bench Rest Competition.

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