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Daystate was the very first company to produce and pioneer modern PCPs, with designs dating back to the late 1970’s. Proud of their reputation for producing world-beating airguns, for shooters of all disciplines. They continue to build with care and dedication, as well as commitment to excellence. World champions, professional vermin controllers and airgun experts all over the world use Daystate airguns. Their reputation counts – and building the world’s best airguns counts for much more.

The Daystate brand is synonymous with innovation, partnering with some of the greatest names and technical minds in the shooting industry. For years, the Harper Slingshot hammer/valve system beat at the heart of their airguns. This system enabled greater shot count and also increased accuracy from each rifle. Now, Daystate moves forward again with their partnership with internationally-renowned regulator specialists, HUMA.

Working with HUMA, they developed their new regulated rifles to allow both the HUMA and Harper technologies to work alongside each other in perfect harmony. They are the only airgunmaker in the world to incorporate HUMA regulators at manufacturing stage. Also, they led the development of the use of electronics to manage firing cycles, power levels and many other features. This is another giant stride in an airgun industry already shaped by so many of Daystate’s ground-breaking innovations.

For years, Daystate has cemented their reputation as manufacturer of the finest quality PCP airguns in the world with the release of Limited and Special Editions on selected models. These limited-run rifles reflect their dedication and commitment to excellence. Therefore, airgunners seek them out. Not only those airgunners who appreciate the best of the best, but shooting connoisseurs and collectors alike.

When you buy a Daystate, you don’t just buy an accurate and consistent world-class airgun. You buy class, quality, craftsmanship, reliability and excellence!

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