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Delta Force

Where there is a need for innovation or improvement, Delta Force has you covered!

The air rifle world exploded over the last few years, with high-end rifle brands pushing the boundaries of what air rifles can do. With that, shooters also expect high-end accessories to customise and improve their shooting rigs. You get these top-notch accessories at a price, though, and oftentimes you have quite limited options. For too long the South African market has relied on manufacturers abroad to innovate and manufacture the accessories we need. Until now…

Delta Force, a South African based manufacturer, takes designing and manufacturing high-end accessories to a whole new level! As avid competitive shooters of both air rifles and firearms, they know precision shooting all too well. Cutting out import costs and waiting time and giving real-time, local support to our primary market was a start. Their ultimate goal is to cater for the specific needs of our local market, giving our South African shooters the edge with both innovation and drastic improvement on existing ideas.

Delta Force’s product range grows larger by the day and includes accessories for FX Airguns, Daystate and BRK Brocock, amongst others. They design and manufacture precision shooting accessories, like Bench Rest and NRL specific rails, weights, etc.

And the quality of the products is on par with world renowned brands, without the hefty price tags! Precision machined from the highest quality materials, with durable and beautiful finishes to suit any air rifle rig. They don’t mass produce in factories, either. Delta Force inspects every precision engineered product, making sure it meets the highest standards.

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