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FX Airguns

FX Airguns has a team of over 50 Swedish craftsmen and engineers. They have honed their skills to perfection, and lovingly handcraft FX’s airguns. And airgun lovers worldwide have rightfully come to expect much from them. FX thoroughly tests an airgun in all aspects of its masterfully engineered capacities. These airguns provide superior accuracy, dependable consistency. Furthermore, they’re remarkably quiet, efficient and extremely powerful.

The backbone of FXAirguns will always be their deep passion for the airgun sport and their drive to outperform yesterday. FX Airguns distinguishes itself within the world of air rifles with their drive for innovation. Not in the common sense of introducing a new model with a tactical stock or with an enlarged magazine capacity. Rather, with always being on the search for more. More accuracy, more power, more usability. In short, whatever limit they reach, will be the new challenge they’ll want to tackle.

A technical approach to provide practical solutions that then can be translated into production-friendly concepts. Some of the challenges FX tackled are Dual Regulators, Power Plenums, and Changeable barrel systems. Also Externally adjustable regulators and hammer springs. These, and lots of other technological solutions, together with the adjustability they add, are the products of a constant aim for perfection and the new insights that come to fruit in the process. It may sound very theoretical, and in a way it is, but most FX Airguns innovations are the products of practical questions from users like you.

All FX Airguns air rifles have one thing in common. Shooters can adjust them on different levels and they are built in a modular way. This means you can – up to a certain extent – retrofit future innovations to older models, upgrading them to the latest standards.

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