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Inferno Slugs

South Africa’s very own air rifle slug experts bring you the Inferno Slugs range! Hand swaged with extreme precision and made with an extremely high degree of uniformity, as well as density for accuracy and consistency. This is our most recommended air rifle slug brand for very good reason!

Inferno’s developers are competitive shooters, competing at international level in various disciplines themselves. They know shooting and they know projectiles. SA Air Rifles & Accessories, as well as International and South African top air rifle shooters, tested these slugs extensively in a vast array of air rifles.

Inferno Slugs are beyond premium in quality and results! More and more competitive shooters look to Inferno Slugs for their consistency and accuracy. Just doing a simple Youtube search delivers hundreds of reviews on these slugs and even novice shooters get immaculate results.

With a hollow point (or open tip, as sometimes referred to) these Inferno slugs rapidly expand, making them ideal for hunting as well as long range target shooting. What sets them aside, however, is their absolute accuracy. Shot placement is always king in every shooting discipline. Projectiles that hit where you intend them to will always beat higher powered “off” shots.

Inferno Precision Swaged Slugs shoot under MOA accuracy when rifles are set up correctly. Shooters have proven this in both the field, as well as during official competitions. Balanced and precise – throughout their whole structure. Because of this, you get the best possible accuracy. Simply match the right slug weight and shape to your specific rifle and see the results down range!

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