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JSB Match Diabolo

JSB Match Diabolo is probably the best known airgun pellets in the world. If you are looking for TOP quality ammunition for your air gun, JSB is the brand. Regardless of your level of shooting, if it’s for your air rifle, carbine or pistol. Of course, JSB caters for all the prominent shooting disciplines and many world champions rely on their products to give them the winning edge.

They cater for professionals, novice sports shooters and enthusiastic amateurs captivated by Olympic 10-meter shooting. Also, for Outdoor Sport Shooting like Field Target, Heavy Field Target, Benchrest or Silhouettes, JSB’s products shoot far and accurately. You can also choose from a complete selection of ammunition in all the most popular calibres if you’re a hunter or pest controller. And finally, JSB has ammunition for those who shoot just for fun.

Apart from their wide variety, JSB Match Diabolo is arguably the most reliable and consistent pellets on the market. Before production starts, they perform extensive tests on the products, looking for the best possible variant that delivers the most consistent results. Importantly, JSB uses advanced quality control measures to ensure the final product is not only of top quality, but consistently made. This includes shot alignment, constant weight, diameter and shape of individual pellets. And of course, this ensures the most important property of the ammunition – to hit the target.

One irreplaceable part of their quality control sets them aside. Their products undergo hand-picked quality control. They do this in a special department, which employs 20 specifically trained workers. Their working tools are a magnifying glass, a pair of tweezers, micrometer and a table lamp. A human eye can detect even the smallest imperfection. They remove and recycle any products that aren’t perfect, ensuring you get only the best.

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