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JTS Airguns

JTS Airguns, Excellence Through Ingenuity™, has a clear goal: to make JTS your choice for everything air guns. Born from an idea among a group of air gun enthusiasts who want to take air guns to a new level. They create high quality, competitively priced air gun lines, pellets and accessories through their passion, expertise and also experiences.

Naturally, serious shooting sports enthusiasts demand the right products for the perfect shot, and JTS Airguns’ engineering, quality, as well as service meet that challenge. On their team they have of a group of professionals with nearly 10 decades of combined experience. Furthermore, they continually strive to offer the most advanced technology available in the industry. So their engineers develop innovative, patented products that make them one of the best choices for making the shot.

Their new U.S. corporate headquarters is located in Katy, Texas, providing a centrally located facility to offer efficient cost-effective distribution capabilities throughout the US and abroad. They built the 15,000 sqft facility to meet the growing needs of their customers. Offering expanded warehousing capabilities, including multiple dock access, cross dock ability and upgraded gunsmithing capacity. JTS are consolidating all their assets to better serve customers.

Of course, their competitive advantage is simple: they design and craft their products with exceptional quality. Also, they are exceptionally priced, and JTS backs them by exceptional service. With this formula, they have become a trusted brand worldwide. In today’s market, exacting quality and high value drive customer decisions. They hit the mark with a wide range of precision, affordable products designed with sharp shooting in mind.

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