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Marcool Optics

Because the Marcool Optics brand has been around since 2009 and distributes across Europe, North America, Asia and South Africa, you know they make quality products. They both design and manufacture with quality in mind, as well as the end user’s budget. Some of their top products include rifle scopes.

Starting with the MARCOOL ALT 3-9X40 HY1403, which is a perfect entry level scope for PCP shooters. It’s perfect for youngsters learning to use a scope for the first time, or plinkers with limited shooting distance. If you merely want an uncomplicated, shorter distance, budget friendly rifle scope, this model is perfect. It has less features than the other models, but not every shooter wants to dial or need illuminated reticles.

For those looking for a bit more adjustability, the MARCOOL ALT 4-16X44 SF HY1302 is a great choice. Magnification ranges from 4 to 16 and you get Side Focus. For shooters looking for even more magnification with Side Focus, the MARCOOL ALT 6-24X50 SF HY1617 is the way to go. Side focus adjustment has many benefits, especially for long-range shooting or hunting.

Another popular option is the MARCOOL WOLVERINE 4-16X44 SFIRG HY1709. You get Side Focus, as well as an Illuminated Centre Dot in the reticle.

You also get an Illuminated Centre Dot reticle with the MARCOOL ALT 5.5-25×50 SFIR FFP HY1637. With a First Focal Plane scope, the size of the reticle will appear to grow or shrink as the scope’s magnification is increased or decreased, respectively. This means your trajectory markings, or holdover values, are going to remain accurate regardless of what magnification setting you’re on. This is great news if you hate doing math!

Marcool Optics also produce mounts, Red Dot Sights and Binoculars.

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