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Snowpeak Artemis

Snowpeak Artemis Airguns (also known as SPA) is a brand of the Chinese Shaoxing Snowpeak Air Gun Factory. They specialise in the manufacture of pellet, air, CO2 and PCP guns, as well as their accessories. They named the Artemis brand after Artemis, daughter of Leto and Jose, who of course, is the goddess of hunting in Greek mythology. She is one of the 12 deities of Olympus, in fact. Snowpeak also produce the rifles under their own name. They are one and the same company.

These rifles, well known to recreational shooters and hunters alike, deliver some of the best budget and entry level airguns available. Starting with a spring powered rifle, their success led to the production of gas ram rifles for higher power and even accuracy. These spring and gas ram rifles are to this day a popular choice. However, shooters started opting for less effort options, where they don’t need to manually break the action.

This is where CO2 powered rifles and pistols began to shine. The company made CO2 pistols in both single shot and magazine fed variants, and also produced a lightweight long rifle powered by CO2. For those who demanded versatility, the CP2 was born and changed entry level options forever. For longer distances and extreme accuracy, they produce a wide range of PCP pistols and rifles. And even some crossover options. What is notable is how Snowpeak Artemis spoils shooters with choice. There are traditional long rifles, bullpup rifles and tactical options. Furthermore, you get high-end features.

These products also infiltrated the competitive shooting scene. Importantly, these rifles and pistols are quality made with high end accuracy and consistency. Very few airgun manufacturers make regulators the way SPA does, and it shows in downrange accuracy and shot consistency.

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