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ZAN Projectiles

Slovenian company Zan Projectiles specializes in making high-quality slugs tailored for extreme accuracy. They offer a wide variety of slugs in many available weights, allowing you to find the perfect match for your airgun and the job you intend it to do. Accuracy, stopping power, reliability – whatever you’re looking for in the world of airgun shooting, Zan’s slugs won’t let you down. They tend to work very well in all barrels, even in standard pellet liners. These air rifle slugs are also solid, without the flexible skirt of diabolo airgun pellets.

Žan Šude, who always loved to shoot with rifles, founded Zan Projectiles. Back in the day he was competing in ISSF 10 meter air rifle. After that, he was more dedicated to sniper shooting and competition. He achieved 1st place during the Europe Heaviest Sniper Extreme Competition in 2020, and also 2nd place at the same competition in 2021.

Modern PCP air rifles are the perfect training system for centre rifle long range shooting. But when shooting with PCP air rifles, he always felt the rounds could be better and more accurate. And so it has all began. Their interest is high quality products and maintaining that with consistency. Therefore, they design and manufacture their products with passion and commitment to ensure the best possible customers satisfaction service.

These precision swaged air rifle slugs from Europe are made from a special soft lead mixture. Therefore, the slugs have a huge expanding capacity when it hits the target, even with low velocities and at longer distances. This low friction mixture will result in higher velocities with less air, compared to other slugs. Combined with great accuracy, these slugs are excellent for pesting, hunting and target shooting. Absolute accuracy and consistency, regardless of your shooting discipline.

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