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Air Arms

Air Arms believes that product superiority comes from commitment to excellence. They begin that commitment with their production technology and apply it to everything they do. Including the skill of their staff. Through research, design, development and production, they maintain their philosophy of ‘only the finest’. They also constantly challenge this by their quality control.

AirArms once stated that they’re the best because that position was the only one acceptable, and they know their customers share that stance. They strive to continue to be the best. Therefore, their products constantly evolve to meet the demands of their customers. And as we already know, only the best will do for them.

This is a modern, progressive company that maintains its position through investment in technology and people. But, they have a history and a heritage of which they are extremely proud. They know that cutting edge technology and traditional gunmaking skills can be combined successfully, because they’ve built their reputation on it.

The Air Arms story began back in 1983. At the time, neither airguns themselves nor the industry that produced them could be described as ‘hi-tech’. But this was about to change, and Air Arms would lead the way.

Today, the company produces sporting air rifles that set the hunting standard, and competition rifles that win world championships. All supplied through a network of international distributors. Even as they achieve goals and pass new milestones, Air Arms retains the drive and standards of its founder.

Bob Nicholls passed away in 2011, but those who now take his company forward do so on a foundation of the principles he pioneered. And in a changing world, that’s one thing that will always remain.

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