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DonnyFL manufactures what they boldly call the ultimate airgun moderators, renowned for their high-end craftsmanship and effectiveness. Created by expert shooting enthusiast and Saber Tactical co-owner, Donny Du. They pride themselves on “making silence a priority” for everyone, from the backyard hobby beginner to the competition shooter. Expect in-depth product knowledge and superb quality and reliability.

Their line-up of sound moderators, also known as silencers, offer shooters a wide range of choices. Furthermore, the team at Donny FL produce adapters for airguns that weren’t manufactured to take standard threaded sound moderators. They cater for most big name brands, like Artemis / Snowpeak, Benjamin, Brocock, Crosman, Daystate, Evanix, FX Airguns, Hatsan and Kral Arms. Also Air Venturi / Nova Vista, RAW, RTI, SamYang, Umarex and Airgun Technology. Of course, there are many more brands they cater for.

In order to improve performance and more comfort when shooting, DonnyFL is always looking for the best materials and developing solutions to its customers’ problems. Many higher powered air rifles can produce quite the muzzle report. Shooters often see sound moderation as part of safety, as continuous exposure to loud noises can cause hearing damage. When shooters come together to compete, they fire various airguns at the same time. It can get quite loud!

There is also a great market for moderating airguns when it comes to pest control and hunting, where allowed. Different countries and/or states have different regulations when it comes to airguns, their moderation and their use. Always make sure you familiarise yourself with the laws and regulations applicable to you.

This is a company dedicated to developing sound suppressors for air rifles only. They never designed or produced these moderators for firearms. Moreover, we do not recommended that you try using them for anything other than airguns.

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