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H and N

H and N – Haendler & Natermann produce some of the highest quality pellets on the market today. Since the 1950s, H&N has been manufacturing a wide range of different airgun pellets for the most diverse applications. They also carry out production exclusively on their own purpose-built machinery.

Carl Georg August Natermann, the “father” of H&N Sport, had a major goal: to manufacture products with outstanding quality. They continue his legacy in controlling every step of manufacturing of their products. From toolmaking to wire production and also surface finishing – all at their factory in Hann. Münden.

H&N subjects everything they make to a rigorous quality assurance system. You can be certain that what you buy is truly the best it can be – approved by August Natermann.

Many Olympic competition shooters choose H&N pellets for their shooting needs. This is because of the extreme accuracy, uniformity, as well as overall high quality. H&N also makes terrific hunting pellets such as the Baracuda and Crow Magnum lines. These H&N pellets are precision made in Germany to the highest quality standards.

They furthermore produce the H&N Slug HP, which differs significantly from the usual pellets due to its bullet shape. Designed for powerful rifles which can shoot such projectiles precisely at targets at 50, 100 or even 200 meters distance. An extremely favourable ballistic coefficient (BC) in slugs ensures a flat trajectory and excellent energy retention. To accommodate different barrel profiles and power levels, they offer options in diameter (.217 cal. / .218 cal.) and weight.

All H and N pellets and slugs offer you the perfect combination of excellent quality, accuracy, and price. And they’re just plain fun to shoot, too! H&N – Haendler & Natermann visually inspect, hand pack and secure all their pellets for transport.

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