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Vector Optics VictOptics

As the top optics brand in China, most people already know about Vector Optics VictOptics. In fact, the brand Sunclear was their name in the early days of their creation.

The brand became popular in the hunting and tactics markets in 2009. This was just two years after the company was founded in 2007. Now, they export to more than 80 countries and masses of consumers recognize the brand as a go-to.

Vector Optics is a pioneer of this industry in China. Committed to provide top riflescopes and scope accessories in both China, as well as worldwide. Furthermore, Vector Optics aimed to break the inherent concept that “Made in China” is “cheap” or means low quality products. They certainly succeeded, bringing quality products at affordable prices!

VO has always insisted on designing and producing high-end riflescopes and red dot sights to provide superior shooting experiences for consumers. In addition to these high-end products, they have also introduced some cost-effective products to meet the needs of more customers. However, the price gap between these products makes some consumers feel confused, and the brand positioning becomes unclear. After careful consideration, they decided to classify these cost-effective products into a new brand: VictOptics.

VictOptics consists of 2 words  – “Victory” and “Optics”. VictOptics products, being a sub brand of Vector Optics, get produced under the supervision of Vector Optics and, of course, are all designed for real fire calibre. They are one and the same manufacturer, though, and apply the same quality checks. You get quality and precision at any budget level.

“Qualified products; Practical functions; Lower price” are what VictOptics insists on. Providing good-quality scopes for beginner shooting enthusiasts, or with a low budget. They aim to enable every shooter to get a quality product at a budget-friendly price.

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