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Dutch company Huma-Air is a world renowned designer and manufacturer of high quality pressure regulators for tuning brand specific air rifles and PCP airguns. They also design and produce sound moderators, pressure gauges, upgrade and maintenance parts, as well as other accessories.

By using only the highest quality materials such as aircraft grade aluminium, aluminium-bronze, chrome-moly steel and precision belleville springs, their ultra-compact regulators are high performing with less than 1% fluctuation. A regulator is a small high pressure device that regulates the air pressure in your PCP rifle. The regulator reduces the primary high pressure to a lower, constant, pre-set pressure needed to get the pellet speed you desire. This means you will have the same constant pellet speed and also Point of Impact shot after shot after shot.

What makes Huma-Air so different from other manufacturers? Well, apart from the precision made products and results they deliver, Huma caters for a very wide audience.

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