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The Daystate Delta Wolf HP Tactical Black PCP 5.5mm is the ultimate, most advanced airgun of all time! Delta Wolf is the first Daystate to adopt an advanced tactical form factor and features the best advances we have ever seen. It is the first ‘smart’ airgun that can automatically adjust to suit the shooter’s needs, the first real electronically-controlled air rifle!

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The Daystate Delta Wolf HP Black 5.5mm is the ultimate, most advanced airgun of all time! Delta Wolf is the first Daystate to adopt an advanced tactical form factor and features the best advances we have ever seen. It is the first ‘smart’ airgun that can automatically adjust to suit the shooter’s needs, the first real electronically-controlled air rifle!

At its electronic heart, the Delta Wolf incorporates touchscreen controlled Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) which enables the selection of pre-set calibre-specific power levels. An integral chronograph is linked to the onboard electronic heart and can correct any variation should it arise.

The incorporation of an onboard chronograph that controls the AVT system enabling users to customise the Delta Wolf according to their specific needs and different ammunition. AVT is also Bluetooth enabled to allow the rife to connect to other devices as part of a future upgrade.

Users can also adjust the pressure in the Huma-Air regulator and exploit the benefits of a large secondary chamber, to achieve specific velocities. In addition, a newly designed fast flow valve system improves efficiency and shot count from the removable 480cc carbon bottle.



When an originally signed factory test certificate accompanies your rifle, you know you have a quality product!

The Daystate Delta Wolf HP Black PCP 5.5mm air rifle is extremely sophisticated, yet the user interface – both hardware and software – is amazingly streamlined. In particular, the ability of the LCD screen to display the specific tune setup, precise HPA pressure and Muzzle Velocity in such a simple, direct manner. Setting-up and tuning these air rifles is much easier and quicker than with conventional, mechanical controls.

It’s certainly true that the Red Wolf, together with other Daystate models before that, have included electronic trigger release and power control. But the Delta Wolf takes the extent and level of control to a completely different level. Any Daystate Delta Wolf review will highlight that this is an extremely simple gun to shoot. It’s easy to load a magazine, set the safety to “fire” and start shooting.

That highlights the basic value proposition of the Delta Wolf. It’s beautifully simple to use. Yet it’s also a highly-sophisticated, superbly-crafted air rifle that offers previously-unheard precision and versatility. Why? Because it’s digitally-controlled!



Daystate’s Delta Wolf has a fully modular tactical stock design. The rifle features an ambidextrous AR-style safety catch and pistol grip. It is much more compact and light than it appears on photos and the design is very harmonious and well-balanced. There is a beautiful, flawless level of finish everywhere on the product. The machining and surface finish of the metal parts is simply perfect, as we expected of a world leader like Daystate, of course.

A flawless 30mm diameter carbon shroud reduces muzzle blast considerably and the addition of a 1/2″UNF thread allows for silencer fitment. The few synthetic ballistic nylon parts have almost-imperceptible mold lines. This rifle also allows fitment of many high-end aftermarket accessories.

Like a high-end, exotic foreign car, it’s clear that just as much effort was expended in designing the Delta Wolf’s looks as the internals. This gun is for both show and go!



As for battery capacity, Daystate says that it provides power for “many hundreds, if not thousands of shots”. Undoubtedly, this is an area where “your mileage may vary”, but the gun is so easy to charge that it should not be a real issue.

Just plug the long, USB cable supplied by Daystate into your phone charger for a few hours before you go shooting. Leave it plugged-in overnight to recharge a really low battery level. We all do this naturally with our cellphones. So how hard can it be to do so with an air rifle?



Naturally, the trigger is a key component of the Daystate Delta Wolf HP Tactical PCP 5.5mm human interface. The fact is that the sublime trigger is simply on a different planet compared to any other airgun we have ever tested.

The trigger pull weight of the Delta Wolf averages just 10.2 Oz as received from the factory. Yes, that’s 0 Lbs 10.2 Oz. Apart from being incredibly light, the trigger has the most exquisite, “glass break” feel for the second stage. It feels like a perfect trigger yet – underneath – we’re really operating an electronic micro-switch through an extremely refined human interface. That’s how the trigger can be so perfect, yet also be mounted amidships in this bullpup air rifle.

Daystate provides setscrew adjustment for the first stage weight and travel. There’s similar adjustability for the second stage weight and contact. (Although the factory advises against adjusting the second stage contact setting). We cannot imagine needing to adjust any of these trigger settings.

However, dedicated owners will probably take advantage of the built-in capability to move the trigger post back or forward. In addition, the trigger blade itself can be raised, lowered or rotated (canted) on the trigger post to accommodate the physique of the owner’s trigger finger.



Smooth and effortless. Sublime. Unequalled. Quite simply, the best we’ve ever felt!

The side lever cocking handle is a complete delight to use. As there’s no conventional hammer spring to be compressed when operating the side lever, it has an amazingly light and crisp action. Operating the side lever shifts the bolt back and forth, allowing the magazine to rotate to its next position and pushing a pellet into battery in the rear of the barrel.

The large perforated knob is easy to grasp and the mechanical travel feels like butter. In fact, the effort to operate the cocking lever can easily be measured using a trigger pull gauge! The Delta Wolf tested by experts had an average backward pull weight of just 1 Lb 5 Oz for the side lever. Forward travel averaged 1 Lb 12 Oz of effort. So here we have pull (and push) weights of the order expected for a fine trigger, yet this the sidelever cocking effort we’re talking about.

The cocking lever can also be changed from right- to left-handed operation. It’s easy to do following the illustrated instructions in the comprehensive, illustrated  Official Handbook that’s supplied with the Delta Wolf. You can make the right to left cocking lever conversion in a matter of minutes.



The safety is perfectly positioned and  located just above and to the rear of the trigger. It’s truly ambidextrous and is ideally placed to be operated by the shooter’s thumb. Function is clean, positive and crisp and engages and disengages with ease and precision. This has to be one of the best-feeling safeties we’ve ever used.

If it feels like an electronic switch, that’s because it also is! In fact the safety not only blocks trigger operation, it’s the on/off switch for the Delta Wolf’s touchscreen display. To conserve battery, the electronics will switch off after a set period of inactivity.


More Features

Its cheek piece is simple but very adjustable. You can position it to suit your needs by sliding along the Delta’ Wolf’s top dovetail rail, then locking in place with two setscrews. It’s ambidextrous, too, and can easily be swapped over for use by left-handers.

The buttpad also has a simple vertical adjustment capability. Just loosen the setscrew, slide to a new position and re-tighten the screw.

You’ll find under and side-mounted Picatinny accessory rails on this rifle. The lower Picatinny rail provides an extremely solid base for attaching a bipod for benchrest shooting. And it’s in exactly the right place for perfect balance.

For mounting optics, the Delta Wolf sports a 20mm Picatinny scope rail that can be moved by as much as 150mm. This allows you to fit zero eye relief scopes, as well as a large objective lens, high magnification optics.

The smallest details are not overlooked on this rifle, either. For example, this fill nipple cover in the underside of the receiver. It holds in place magnetically, is simple to use, yet provides perfect protection.

This Daystate Delta Wolf HP Black PCP 5.5mm comes in a hard case and Daystate’s standard warranty.



The Delta Wolf uses the new-generation Daystate magazine that was introduced in 2020. This is an all-metal magazine that uses an internal rotary spring to impart the necessary motion to the drum when cocking.

You can load the magazine by raising the loading gate cover and rotating the drum 360 degrees clockwise. The first pellet holds the drum in place as the remainder are dropped into the individual chambers. Snap the cover closed and you’re ready to go. A small, high-strength magnet holds the magazine loading plate/cover in place.

A small, spring ball bearing holds the magazine itself retained in its correct position in the breech. Usefully, you can insert a magazine from either side of the gun. It’s also possible to double the shot count by inserting TWO magazines, one from each side. The magnet built into the base of each one hold he magazines together. Once one mag is empty, you can slide them across and start shooting the second magazine without further ado.

This double magazine concept is an interesting way to double the shot count of the Delta Wolf. It does this without the need for a huge, bulky, high capacity magazine that can be inconvenient for left-handed use in some other air rifles.



Calibre: 5.5mm (.22)
Powerplant: PCP
Muzzle Energy: 61
Magazine: 11 Shot, Self-indexing
Cylinder Capacity: 480cc
Fill Pressure: Up to 240BAR (3,480psi)
Cocking: Side Lever action – reversible
Cheekpiece: Adjustable – reversible
Trigger: Electronic release. Adjustable for weight and length of stage.
Safety: Manual, Electronic isolation. AR15 type lever
Stock: Alloy, black anodised
Overall Length: (33.1 ins)
Barrel Length: 600 mm (23 ins)
Weight (Unscoped): 3.55 kg (7.8lbs)


Visit Daystate’s Delta Wolf video page for reviews, how to tune and much more!


* Scope, bipod and other accessories not included. Images for illustrative purposes only.


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